GETC: Manufacturing (23253) – NQF Level 1

Duration: 12 months
Target Group: Manufacturers, Electricians, Engineers
Prerequisite: Communication at ABET Level 3, Numeracy at ABET Level 3
Credits: 124 credits
Certificate: MerSETA-accredited National Certificate


For learners who have formal school qualifications but no work experience, this qualification specifies the necessary knowledge, skills and values required to participate learning processes within a formal work environment. Typically, these outcomes reflect the learning outcomes that would be achieved at the end of an extensive induction and orientation process.


At the end of the qualification, learners will be able to:

  • Describe and explain a specific manufacturing, engineering or assembly process, relate the tools and materials to the process and explain the science and technology which underpins the conversion processes.
  • Demonstrate in the process of assessment the use of appropriate numeracy and communication skills.
  • Describe and explain, in the context of a specific workplace environment, the procedures and policies which govern that specific working environment.
  • Describe and explain the purpose of a specific business.


  • Numeracy
  • Communication
  • Personal Development
  • Business Skills
  • Life and Natural Sciences
  • Understanding the Manufacturing Environment