Apply Safety, Health, Environment (SHEQ) Procedures and Systems (SP 0111/07-17)

Duration:  2 days


To be able to apply relevant safety, health and environmental protection procedures in the workplace and to maintain a safe and productive work area. They are able to explain safety, health and environmental objectives, standards and regulations at the workplace, perform safety inspections, and identify and report on unsafe conditions.

To be able to perform quality procedures in your work area and demonstrate an understanding of quality assurance requirements and relate and apply these in the workplace

Unit Standards: 

13223: Monitor the application of safety, health and environmental protection procedures

13234: Apply quality procedures


  • Understand the principles of safety, health and environment in the workplace
  • Take responsibility for safety, health and the environment
  • Work with others to improve safety, healthy and the environment
  • Understand the concepts of inspection, quality control, assurance and improvement
  • Contribute to the quality culture in your organisation