Health and Safety Skills (SP 0948/15-17)

Duration:  2-3 Days


Learners will be able to apply relevant safety, health and environmental protection procedures in their place of work to maintain a safe and productive work area. They are able to explain safety, health and environmental objectives, standards and regulations at the workplace, perform safety inspections, and identify and report on unsafe conditions.

Unit Standards:

13222 Deal with safety, health and environmental emergencies in the workplace

13220 Keep the work area safe and productive

13167: Identify potential hazards and critical safety issues in the workplace

9964:  Apply health and safety to a work area


  • Work safely, using worksite safety practices and procedures
  • Keep your work area safe
  • Apply the relevant legislation to your work area
  • Identify potential hazards and other safety issues in your workplace
  • Work safely in an electrical environment
  • Deal with emergencies according to company procedure.