Assistant Project Manager Skills program (SP 1003/17-17) – Level 4

Duration:  5-6 days
Target audience:  Newly and existing appointed Assistant Project Managers
NQF Level:  4
Skills Programme:  Assistant Project Manager
Credits:  38
Certification:  MerSETA-accredited Certification of Competence


Purpose of the qualification is to provide learners with the underpinning knowledge of the concepts and terminology related to project management and skills which can be used to build further project management related competencies and provide administrative support to a project manager and team members.

Unit Standards: 

116086: Demonstrate an understanding of the factors influencing the quality of  measurement

120375: Participate in the estimation and preparation of cost budget for a project or sub project and monitor and control actual cost against budget

123369: Implement environmental improvements to a site, facility, operation or process

120376: Conduct project documentation management to support project processes

120377: Identify, suggest and implement corrective actions to improve quality of  project work


At the end of this programme learner will be able to:

  • The learner understands the fundamentals of project management.
  • The learner is able to initiate and scope a simple project.
  • The learner has the ability to use project management tools and techniques
  • The learner is able to prepare and manage a simple project budget.
  • The learner has the ability to manage project risks.
  • The learner is able to run effective project meetings.
  • The learner has the able to manage the project schedule.
  • The learner is able to manage project quality through corrective actions.
  • The learner understands all the aspects of project closure.