Supervisory Skills Programme (SP0375/09-17) – NQF Level 4

Duration: 5-7 days
Target Group: Junior Management
Prerequisite: Numeracy and Literacy at NQF Level 2
Credits: 48 credits
Certification: MerSETA-accredited Certification of Competence   


The focus of this qualification has been designed to enable learners to be competent in a range of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values relating to planning, organising, leading, controlling and ethics.

Unit Standards:

13914:    Conduct a formal meeting

242812Induct a member into a team

242822Employ a systemic approach to achieving objectives

242817Solve problems, make decisions and implement solutions

242819Motivate and build a team


At the end of the skills programme, learners will be able to:

  • Developing plans to achieve defined objectives.
  • Organising resources in accordance with a developed plan.
  • Leading a team to work co-operatively to achieve objectives.
  • Monitoring performance to ensure compliance to a team
  • Making decisions based on a code of ethics.