Production Stock Control Skills Programme (SP0749/13-17) – NQF Level 3

Duration:  5-7 days
Target Group:  DC/Warehouse personnel; junior management
Prerequisite: Communication at NQF Level 2
Mathematics Literacy at ABET NQF Level 4
Credits: 34
Certification:  MerSETA-accredited Certificate of Competence


This skills programme will enable learners to improve professionalism and enhance the quality and effectiveness of services. Learners will be able to receive stock in a DC/Warehouse, implement security procedure to prevent shrinkage and losses and enhance the efficiency of the supply chain by recording required information on stock being received.

Unit Standards:

244504Describe and explain the principles of logistics support in a specific context.

119454Maintain and adapt oral/signed communication.

117897Maintain stock balances in a distribution centre.

117901Receive stock in a DC/Warehouse.


At the end of the skills programme, learners will be able to:

  • Explain the role of logistics as they apply to a specific operation.
  • Use a variety of strategies to maintain communication.
  • Explain/evaluate the impact of the supply chain on stock and the finances of a business.
  • Receive goods into the DC and prevent shrinkage and losses in the Receiving Area.