Manage a New Venture Skills Programme – NQF Level 4

Duration: 5-7 days
Target Group: Entrepreneurs
Prerequisite:  Numeracy, Literacy, Communication NQF Level 4
Credits: 21
Certification:  ServicesSeta-accredited Certificate of Competence


This qualification id for learners who are responsible for planning and managing production/operations functions of a new venture. Learners acquiring this qualification will be equipped with knowledge and skills to optimise productivity of a business.

Unit Standards:

263434:  Plan and manage production/operations in a new venture.

263456:  Plan strategically to improve new venture performance.

120389:  Explain and apply the concept, principles and theories of motivation in a leadership context.

13948:   Negotiate an agreement or deal in an authentic work situation.


At the end of the skills programme, learners will be able to:

  • Design a production/operations layout for a new venture.
  • Apply effective operations scheduling, resource management and quality management within a new venture.