Manage Finances in a New Venture Skills Programme – NQF Level 4

Duration:  5-7 days
Target Group:  Entrepreneurs
Prerequisite:  Numeracy, Computer Literacy, Communication at NQF Level 4
Credits: 33
Certification:  ServicesSeta-accredited Certificate of Competence


This course is intended for learners who need to make decisions and recommendations about financing options for a new venture. Learners will be able to manage the income and expenditure of own business and base financial decision-making on financial data.

Unit Standards:

114584:  Finance a new venture.

263455:  Apply the principles of costing and pricing to a business venture.

7468Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal, business, national and international issues.

263474:  Manage finances of a new venture.

9016: Represent, analyse and calculate shape and motion in 2- and 3-dimensional space in different contexts.

9015:  Apply the knowledge of statistics and probability to critically interrogate and effectively communicate findings on life related problems.


At the end of the skills programme, learners will be able to:

  • Determine the capital requirements of the new venture.
  • Explain the criteria of a price-setting policy for a new venture.
  • Use mathematics to plan and control financial instruments.
  • Explain financial aspects involved in running a new venture.
  • Measure, estimate and calculate physical quantities in practical situations relevant to the adult.
  • Critique and use techniques for collecting, organisation and representing data.